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Meet Sticks & Stones Landscape Construction

Aaron Ovakim founder of Sticks and Stones Landscape Construction, has always been an ambitious self starter with a flare for the Industrial Arts. From a young age, Aaron would build and create projects out of wood as presents for his parents,brother and sister. It was only a matter of time until Aaron would be able to pair his entrepreneurial spirit and his passion for working with his hands. In the year 2000, Aaron, a recent graduate, was looking for direction and purpose. He took a job as a general laborer with Lasko Construction, working directly with Oren Lasko. Oren immediately recognized Aaron’s talent and potential in design and project management. The pair began working closely together, as Aaron learned the ins and outs of the landscape design construction business from a true professional. Over the next several years Oren mentored Aaron, teaching him both the technical side of carpentry and deck building and the creative aspect of design. Aaron excelled and began to organize and manage many projects independently. Aaron ran multiple projects with up to 5 man crews working at a time. He gained experience and honed new skills to ensure that he was able to deliver an exceptional final product with Decks, Fences and Pergolas. Aaron realized that decks and fences were in demand but the market also called for a Stone and Masonry Design Professional. Aaron began learning to do stonework. He started to create projects using both concrete and natural stone materials. He designed and built b stone walkways, patios, and porches. He installed interlocking driveways, stone decks around swimming pools as well as retaining walls. By adding stonework to his woodworking background Aaron became an all around outdoor Landscape Professional and in 2007 Aaron decided to create his own company, Sticks and Stones Landscape Construction. He agreed to continue to work with Lasko Construction on the fence and deck building projects, acting as a subcontractor while providing the project fulfilment to ensure a high standard of excellence for Lasko Construction customers. Over the years Sticks and Stones Landscape Construction and Lasko Construction collaborated on over 150 projects. The two business owners shared ideas, learned new skills and created lasting landscape projects for ecstatic customers year after year.Their reputations speak for themselves, as both companies are able to provide a plethora of testimonials attesting to their creativity, professionalism and quality of work. In 2016, Aaron Ovakim decided to purchase the ownership rights to Lasko Construction to amalgamate the 2 companies under single ownership. Oren has decided to retire from the Landscape Construction industry as Aaron seeks to expand his business. Sticks and Stones Landscape Construction, seeks to become the “gold standard” in the landscape construction profession. Aaron Ovakim’s craftsmanship, Integrity, and vision is what sets him apart from all other landscape design company’s. He believes in delivering a high value project at a fair and competitive price. It is his personal service, attention to detail, and willingness to stand behind his work that differentiates Aaron and his company from the competition. It would be his pleasure to help you with your next project or any of your outdoor landscape construction needs. Please contact us or call 416-671-5720 today for a free estimate today.    

Sticks & Stones Landscape Construction

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Here’s what our customers have to say

  • Aaron and his team were fabulous! We would unhesitantly recommend them. Professional, courteous and so easy to work with. Work was done on time, on budget and, best of all, looks fantastic. Thank you Stick & Stones!

    - Francine B. from North York

  • Aaron was professional when we met and timely in providing an estimate. He produced drawings, and worked with us both before and during the project to make sure the design suited us. We are very happy with how everything turned out and would use Sticks and Stones again.

    - Jordan C. in Thornhill

  • The Sticks & Stones team was very professional, upfront on cost estimates and accommodating to changes required on the fly to deal with unforeseen issues. Very collaborative on solutions! The 3D visualization tool was exceedingly helpful. We get lots of compliments from friends who have seen the final product.

    - Dan C. from Toronto

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