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Cedar Decks from Sticks & Stones Landscape Construction

Sticks & Stones has been building custom Cedar decks in Toronto since 1988. We are a boutique construction company that works on one project at a time. With Sticks & Stones on your deck building project, you’ll getting nothing less than a great looking and highly functional Cedar deck built with great attention to detail. Made from quality Cedar wood, our decks exude beauty and refinement.Our commitment to quality and satisfaction guarantees your outdoor space just the way you want. Get our skilled builders to transform your backyard with a sturdy and good looking deck, and enhance the value of your property.

Why Choose Cedar?

A natural look and feel: If you want a deck that blends seamlessly with your outdoor environment, then Cedar is your material of choice. Cedar decks offer a natural and timeless look. The soft texture and clean shapes of a Cedar Deck are sure to catch the eye of your house guests. Cutting, shaping, routing and fastening with Cedar to design a striking deck is easy. At Sticks & Stones, we make all our Cedar trim and panels from scratch. Resistant to insects: As Cedar is naturally resistant to insects and rotting, decks made from this material offer good durability. A well maintained Cedar deck can easily last to twenty years with proper care and maintenance. Doesn’t absorb moisture readily: Cedar’s resistance to moisture makes it a good choice of decking material. Because it is dry, it has a natural resistance to splitting, cracking and warping. What this means to you is less maintenance and more usability. Many personalization options: All of our Cedar decks can be built to your unique specifications. You can choose deck lighting and railing options of your choice to create a highly customized deck. A relatively cheap decking material: The affordable cost of Cedar adds to its list of benefits. Even modest budgets can afford decks built of this material. Cedar decks are built after a careful consideration of the following factors:
  • The space available for the deck and its intended size
  • The functionality of the deck, whether it is to be used as a small outdoor seating area, an exclusive entertainment zone or just a backyard getaway
  • Other functional and safety aspects such as the location of grill and cooling needs
  • Options such as lighting, staircase, railings and awnings

Custom Built Decks Suited to Your Needs

Talk to us about the Cedar deck shape, size and style that you want. No two decks are the same, each deck is designed to match your style and preferences. We also welcome you to suggest your own deck design. Incorporating your inputs, we can build a Cedar deck that is perfectly aligned to your specifications. At Sticks & Stones we build decks only after a thorough understanding of your design expectations, and with a complete understanding of all local and federal building codes and regulations. By keeping in mind the functionality the deck is supposed to serve, we ensure that the end product is exactly how you envisioned it. Custom Screens: A screen offers privacy and acts as a safety component for raised decks. It also serves as a decorative feature and enhances a deck’s overall aesthetics. Whatever be your reason for incorporating a screen, we have the right solution for you. Screens built by us are designed and incorporated to match the deck and stone work done at your house. We never lose sight of the aesthetics or the functional aspects while recommending fencing or screening for your deck. Transform your backyard with a beautiful custom Cedar deck. Contact us for a free, non-obligation Cedar decks quote today. You can call us at 416-671-5720 or contact us.

Here’s what our customers have to say

  • Aaron and his team were fabulous! We would unhesitantly recommend them. Professional, courteous and so easy to work with. Work was done on time, on budget and, best of all, looks fantastic. Thank you Stick & Stones!

    - Francine B. from North York

  • Aaron was professional when we met and timely in providing an estimate. He produced drawings, and worked with us both before and during the project to make sure the design suited us. We are very happy with how everything turned out and would use Sticks and Stones again.

    - Jordan C. in Thornhill

  • The Sticks & Stones team was very professional, upfront on cost estimates and accommodating to changes required on the fly to deal with unforeseen issues. Very collaborative on solutions! The 3D visualization tool was exceedingly helpful. We get lots of compliments from friends who have seen the final product.

    - Dan C. from Toronto

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