Is it worth it to only replace your deck floor?

In a short answer – NO.  of course there are exceptions to this policy, and we’ll cover this a bit further on down the post…

So you want to replace your deck floor only, because its rotted? out of date? or some other reason?  In most cases its far more economical to tear the deck down and start from scratch then re & re the floor.

Square.  A perfect shape with 90 degree corners on all four sides…  Also a very key building term which if not adhered to properly will come around and kick you in the behind at every other turn when you attempt to finish the deck after you’ve built the frame.  A deck frame that is out of square will not allow proper skirting and gates to align.  Handrails and screens will be out of alignment as well.

So now back to replacing a deck floor.  9.9 times out of 10 – the deck isn’t going to be square or may actually me out of square from years of expansion and contraction and frost heaves, etc.

This doesn’t even take into account poor workmanship or someone who doesn’t know the first thing about decking or deck construction as you will see in the following pictures of a deck we recently re floored without taking off the handrail as it was non removable.  You will notice that the handrail posts is virtually unsupported – meaning that is was screwed only into the perimeter joist and a 1″ deck board – seriously unsafe!!!

The 2nd picture shows the new framing we let in to support the new picture frame for the floor board and the proper blocking that must be underneath all the posts to support the load with the bolts from the base of the post.

The last picture will show a triple beam with the 3rd board laminated to the 2nd but completely unsupported thus negating any benefit the 3rd board could have provided.

photo 2

photo 3 photo 1


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