Why You Need A Basement Renovation

Basmenet luxury kitchen in the modern apartment with hardwood floors.

A basement renovation is a home addition that doesn’t require adding anything to your home. With a basement renovation you simply unlock your home’s unused potential by bringing the basement into the fold of liveable spaces. It’s one of the most dependable types of home upgrade and one that’s guaranteed to add significant market value to your home while at the same time opening up lifestyle possibilities for yourself and your family you might have never imagined possible. At Sticks and Stones we’ve always sought ways to help homeowners get more from their homes and basement renovations are a natural extension of that philosophy.

The Undiscovered Country: Your Basement

It’s a bit mystifying that people would invest hundreds of thousands of dollars in what is sure to be the biggest single investment they ever make and then let 25-30% of that investment sit fallow. But that’s exactly what happens with most Toronto homes. The basement, which typically constitutes as much as ? of the floor space, is allowed to do little more than collect dust. At Sticks and Stones Construction we specialize in unlocking the potential of this unused space both to expand the horizons of your domestic life and to add to the bottom line value of your biggest investment.

Some of the best ways to harvest maximum home value out of a basement renovation include:

Creating a New Bathroom:

No basement remodeling project is really complete without taking bathrooms into consideration. An additional full bath in the basement will ensure not only that you get the maximum home valuation bump possible out of your basement renovation, but that you also ensure flexibility for the future. For instance; when the kids move on to college and get their own places you can consider remodeling the basement to turn it into either an in-law suite or a rentable apartment. Having a full bath in place will make the transition that much easier.

Installing Closet Space:

At Sticks and Stones Construction we’re homeowners ourselves. We understand that the basement is typically the catch-all of the home. Anything a homeowner can’t find a place for goes in the basement. We’re also aware however, that the sum total of loose stuff in the basement is usually relatively small and so can be easily accommodated by including plenty of closets and other types of storage space in the renovated basement. If need be, a small corner of the basement can be retained for general storage of larger items.

Built-in Entertainment Centre:

Because the number of basement windows is usually limited the basement then becomes the perfect place to create a built-in entertainment centre. We can design and fabricate a built-in wall unit that will store all your game consoles, headphones, virtual reality headsets and more, and provide the perfect setting for an extra widescreen TV for hosting movie parties or parties related to major sporting events. Bring on the popcorn!

Creating Playrooms for the Kids:

If your kids are still young they want to play. A lot. It’s what kids do. But having toys and crayons and books etc. scattered about the living room and kitchen is not only a clean-up headache it’s also not safe for the kids or the adults who have to constantly navigate the sea of plastic, paper, cardboard and more. Shifting play focus to a beautifully finished basement can solve several problems at once. The kids will have a large area to be themselves and you won’t have to worry about guests tripping over fire trucks or slipping on play items spread about the living room floor. For added safety install a camera in the basement so you can monitor what’s going on when you can’t be there.

Mantels and Fireplaces:

To enjoy maximum value from your basement renovation you’ll want to create a feeling of permanence; a sense that the basement is an integral player in the life of the home. A custom made mantel that echoes design elements from the upstairs is a great way to make the renovated basement feel like a natural part of the home’s interior design scheme and not just an afterthought. To really ramp up the feelings of cosiness and permanence, install a fireplace under the mantel. If you’re ever wondering where a family member is on a frosty Toronto evening, you’ll likely find them in the basement cosying up to the fire.

The Undeniable Value of Basement Renovations

No other type of home upgrade will have such a profound effect on home value or your family’s daily experience as a basement renovation. When the last of our workers bid adieu to your home you’ll have increased its usable space by a third or more and added an entirely new dimension to everyone’s experience.

Whether it’s new playrooms for the kids, a stunning home theatre for family and guests, a home office that sports a beautiful fireplace/mantel combination or an in-law suite that enables an aging loved one to stay close to the family they helped nurture, your renovated basement will be a true domestic frontier; a land of opportunities where memories await that will last a lifetime.

Sticks and Stones: The Smart Choice for Your Basement Renovation

At Sticks and Stones Construction we take great pride in everything we do, from creating stunning landscape designs to building state-of- the-art decks to basement renovations and more. We never accept ‘good enough’ and our only measuring stick for success is your level of satisfaction. If you’re not happy, we’re not happy. Simple as that.

When you enlist Sticks and Stones to handle your basement renovation you’ll be amazed at the quality of the design, the attention to detail and the level of craftsmanship on display everywhere in the finished product. Call us on 416-671-5720 today to discuss transforming your musty, dark and dingy basement into the space everyone has been waiting for, whether they knew it or not. We’re the most trusted landscape and construction company in the Greater Toronto Area for a reason: because we deliver. Every time. Call today or click here to get a free consultation.

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